Ben & Jerry's:
Branded Experience

Fall 2020, 7 weeks

Ben & Jerry’s is a mission driven company that’s able to talk about difficult issues while remaining joyful and exuberant. I wanted to create a pop-up experience that embodies these core values, with a specific focus on environmental action.


Brand Research & Analysis

Rapid Prototyping 



Adobe PS



Problem Space

How might we help Ben & Jerry’s communicate its brand essence and entice visitors to learn more about the company?

Ben & Jerry’s has always advocated for people and been vocal about social issues since its beginnings. And while this is talked about on its website, many people do not know about this important work and may believe their current involvement in social good is just pandering.


I proposed an experience where people could enjoy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream together while learning about how to get involved with local climate justice organizations in their communities. This would all occur in a climate action themed soccer game. At this game, Ben & Jerry's would reveal its new Climate Justice inspired ice cream flavors, while also providing a platform for local organizations. This would show how Ben & Jerry’s cares about its customers, its community, and the world.


I conducted initial research to better understand the brand and its history, I condensed this into a document for future uses. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 11.19.42 PM.png

From this research I discovered three company key insights:


From these insights I created three user personas to better understand who I was designing for.


I then used this research to guide the rest of the design process.

Pop-Up Experience

The pop up experience showcases Ben & Jerry’s core values of social good alongside a playful soccer game. People get to participate in the soccer game or can just sit and watch, all while learning about Ben & Jerry’s climate change efforts and how they can get involved in local organizations. This would be an opportunity for Ben & Jerry to share its platform with local grass root organizations.

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Visitor Journey

The next part of the solution includes a temporary pop-up shop where buyers can meet local sellers and buy new items before they are sold on Depop's app. The goal of this experience is to build trust between buyers and sellers by putting a face to the person selling clothing.


Final Thoughts

From this process I learned how valuable it is to examine what the public perception of a brand’s values may be and make sure that they are aligned with the company’s values and goals.


Sketches & Storyboard

I sketched to help me better visualize the components to the physical space and the user experience.


Rapid Prototyping

I used physical prototypes made of paper and foam to determine the proportions of the oversized elements of the pop-up experience.


Final Thoughts

From this process I learned how valuable it is to examine what the public perception of a brand’s values may be and make sure that they are aligned with the company’s values and goals.



I created posters to advertise the event and bring more awareness to Ben & Jerry’s climate activism.


Limited Edition Ice Cream

I created five climate justice inspired flavors to be sold after the event. The proceeds from these sales would go to the climate focused non-profits in the city. These flavors would be non-dairy and come in biodegradable containers to further demonstrate Ben & Jerry’s commitment to climate justice.



I then created web screens to advertise the ice cream collection and the event on Ben & Jerry’s Website.


Final Thoughts

From designing this experience, I learned the value of sticking with an idea and continuing to expand on it, even when it starts to feel like a “bad idea.”