Ben & Jerry's Branded Experience

Improving communication of Ben & Jerry's brand values 
Project Details
My Role
Product Design, Branding, Strategy
Rapid Prototyping, Marketing
Fall 2020, 5 weeks
Figma, Adobe CC, Procreate, SketchUp

Ben & Jerry’s is a mission driven company that’s able to talk about difficult issues while remaining joyful and exuberant. I wanted to create a pop-up experience that embodies these core values, with a specific focus on environmental action. 

Problem Space

Ben & Jerry's has been a top ice cream seller for over 40 years. But reports have shown that customers are purchasing more from competitor brands  that they believe better align with their values of health and sustainability. Ben & Jerry's has a strong history of philanthropy and social justice but need to better showcase this to their costumers.

Example of negative perception of brand's social justice work from B&J's instagram account:

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 8.37.17 PM.png
How might we improve communication of brand's value & increase customer engagement?
Initial Research

I researched the brand and its history and I condensed this into a document for future uses. This research and creative brief can be found below: 

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 11.19.42 PM.png

I went through Ben & Jerry's social media page to see current customers opinions about the brand. There were positive reviews, requests for dairy free flavors, and also negative comments about social justice.

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 8.31.00 PM.png

From this research I discovered three company key insights:


Outspoken about progressive views


Strong community engagement


Dedication to making feel good ice cream

From these insights I created three user personas to better understand who I was designing for. The main user is in her 20s and cares about the environment and brand loyalty.

Pop-Up Experience

Ben & Jerry’s would host a climate action themed soccer game. People get to participate in the soccer game or watch, all while learning about Ben & Jerry’s climate change efforts. 


Top view of climate action soccer game: copy.gif
User Journey

The pop up experience contains four activities for the user to partake in. 

Marketing Campaign
Digital Posters

Advertise the event and bring more awareness to Ben & Jerry’s climate activism on their website.

Limited-Edition Ice Cream

I created five climate justice inspired flavors to be sold at the event. These flavors would be non-dairy and come in biodegradable containers to further demonstrate Ben & Jerry’s commitment to climate justice.

Final Thoughts

From designing this experience, I learned the value of sticking with an idea and continuing to expand on it, even when it starts to feel like a “bad idea.” 


Next steps would be to expand the digital experience and conduct interviews to further improve the experience.