Helping customers manage grocery shopping in food insecure areas
Project Details
My Role
Product Designer
5 weeks
Case Study
Figma, Adobe CC
Problem Space
  • Over 11.2% of DC households are food insecure, meaning they lack consistent access to healthy, affordable food.

  • In these areas, grocery trips are taxing & costly.

How can we make grocery shopping in food insecure areas more manageable?

GoDeals is an app that allows users to create time & cost effective shopping lists with the goal of making shopping trips more manageable.

frames 2.png


Initial Research

Surveyed over 25 residents in D.C. and then conducted interviews to learn more about issues residents felt most affected by.

Research Findings

Using resources like the D.C. Sustainability Plan & D.C. Hunger Solution, I found common pain-points.

Frame 10.png
Competitive Analysis

I then looked at existing apps related to grocery shopping and analyzed Flipp & Grocery Pal to see what features could be incorporated and removed from the new experience.

Flipp's painpoints & positives:​

Frame 4.jpg

Grocery Pal's painpoints & positives:​

Frame 5_edited.jpg

​1. Allow users to organize their personalized shopping lists

2. Provides most efficient routes using transportation data

3. Notifies users of new sales using data history


I decided to create a new app to simply and declutter these experiences. I organized the potential features:

Frame 6.png
User Flow Chart

From the ideating phase, I then mapped out the users experience of the app to determine new paths and features.

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 2.24.30 AM.png

After creating the user flow, I began designing mobile screens, to figure out what features worked and explored placement, color, and size of text. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 9.59.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 3.50.53 PM.png

Based on various feedback from peers + mentor feedback, I continually iterated my designs- with 3 major improvements:

Testing + Improvements
frames 1.png
frames 4.png
frames 3.png
Visual Identity

I then created a style guide to use for the final UI of the app.

Frame 7.png
Final Frames
Selecting Grocery Stores –

After users put in their location, GoDeals shows a list of the closest grocery stores. The user can then pick the ones they want to shop from and GoDeals shows the selections at each store.

new final features.png
Creating Shopping Lists –

As the user selects items to add to their grocery list, GoDeals shows the price differences at other stores, that way the user can see the cheapest option for their item. The users can also see the total amount at each store in the list section.

new final features 2.png
Building Routes –

After creating the grocery list, GoDeals shows various routes to get to all of the selected stores. it shows the number of stops and time estimate for each route. the user is then able to select the route that best fits their needs, and is then connected to an existing transit app.

new final features 3.png
Metric of Success


Increase user engagement on app


50% increase of app downloads


Rise in savings for users
Final Thoughts

Food insecurity is a large issue that requires multiple interventions to alleviate its symptoms. I hope that this application is a step forward in helping people deal with some of the effects of food insecurity and makes a complicated shopping trip a little easier. 

For next steps, I would conduct user testing to continue to improve the usability of the app and better adhere to WCAG standards.