A multi-sensory experience that helps users manage anxiety
Project Details
My Role
Product Designer
Fall 2020, 7 weeks
Interaction Design, UX Design
Figma, Adobe CC, Fabrication Equipment
Initial Problem

When you alone, it can be difficult to practice healthy coping skills to deal with your anxiety. How can we connect people remotely to help them navigate their anxiety? 


Grounding is a multi-sensory experience consisting of a watch app and smart sweater. It connects people to their loved ones in moments of stress.

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 4.54.59 PM.png
How It Works (3).gif

01 Moment of Stress

Person A is feeling overwhelmed and then uses the Grounding app to reach out to Person B to practice breathing exercises.

02 Response

Person B is then notified that their friend needs help coping with anxiety. And then responds that she is free to help in the moment. (3) copy.gif (3) copy 2.gif

03 Connection

Person A and B can then practice breathe together –coping skill. Person A can also use a smart sweater which has moveable sleeves to indicate when to breathe.



I mapped out different ways people already connect with each other to better understand the problem space. 

research charts.png
User Research

I then conducted 2 rounds of interviews and discovered what people believed remote interactions lacked and the emotions that went along with it.

Research Findings

Using results from the interviews and secondary research, I created three key takeaways to guide the rest of the process.       



Reaching out during stressful times is difficult


Deep breathing is a useful grounding technique for anxiety


Users prefer having a friend guide them through their feelings to relieve anxiety
User Journey

Using the key takeaways, I mapped out the experience for the user, including phases leading up to it. This component involves two users both using the grounding app and smart sweater.

App Features

I decided to create a smart watch application instead of a mobile or web app to minimize distractions. Below is a walkthrough of how to use the app.

Final Thoughts

Finding a cohesive way to unify the multiple components and users was challenging. Having so many parts made refining the designs more difficult but in the end, the result was more unique with these constraints.