Sleep Cycles:
Physical Computing


Many college students find themselves falling into the cycle of staying up late to study, falling asleep in class and not taking enough notes. This leads to even more confusion of the class material, resulting in more late nights. 

Inspired by my friends' inability to stay awake in class, I created a satirical team-building device to end this cycle. I used two Arduinos, a sensor, motors, two top hats, and a fly swatter. 

This device keeps sleepy college students awake in class while also letting their friends remain focused on the lecture. This symbolizes the sense of camaraderie that develops in order to survive Carnegie Mellon's tough workload.


How it works

When the person on the left feels themselves drifting off in class, they can hit a button attached to a mini breadboard. This triggers a chain reaction, resulting in the user being slapped in the face by a green fly-swatter. 


Step 1: Hit button in left hat.

Step 2: Linear motion track is triggered, moving small hand towards sensor in the right hat.

Step 3: Once the hand reaches the sensor, the Arduino in the right hat is triggered, causing the fly swatter to finally WAKE UP the other person.